December 2022


December 2022

P. Pickkers
Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Radboudumc, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands


P. Pickkers -

A change is gonna come…


Every couple of years the Netherlands Journal of Critical Care replaces the editor in chief and his/her entourage. After taking on this role in 2018, now, four years later, Prof. Dirk Donker and his associate editors Dr. Maarten van Eijk, Dr. Nuray Kusadasi and Dr. Christiaan Meuwese have come to the end of their period. I want to thank them for carrying the torch and all the work they have done for the journal. It is an honour for me to take up this role now, especially as this moment is being used not only to change the editor in chief, but to also make extensive changes to the journal. So, the current issue of Netherlands Journal of Critical Care will be the very last one in its current format. In this new era, there are exciting ideas how we could make the Netherlands Journal of Critical Care more attractive for you. To facilitate this change, we will skip the next issue of the journal and present to you a completely new Netherlands Journal of Critical Care in May. We want to keep it as a surprise what the journal will look like and who will be in the new team.

For now, please enjoy this issue of the journal. The case report from Mulder et al. describes a patient with rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease caused by antisynthetase syndrome, while Van Bemmel et al. present a patient who attempted to commit suicide using helium inhalation, a method that appears to be gaining more attention.[1,2] Van Dam et al. describe the serious consequences for a patient who had an air embolism following lung biopsy, and Broers et al. discuss the pitfalls of making medical policy decisions in a patient who is suspected of having advanced cancer.[3,4] In their clinical image, Hartman et al. present an ECG of a patient with critical stenosis of the left anterior descending artery, known as Wellens’ syndrome.[5] In addition to this, the abstracts for the upcoming lustrum congress for the 45th anniversary of our society are published in this issue. Do not forget to register for this special edition congress, which is being held in Amsterdam on 9-10 February.

Take care!


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